This is the easiest and most comfortable way to appreciate stereo pairs. These viewers can be used for parallel format stereo images on the web, for stereo prints found in a number of specialty publications and for antique stereoscope cards.

For web-based images, your monitor size and resolution will affect results. The viewed pair should be approximately six inches wide--each image about three inches wide. Start with the viewers held in your right hand, one to two inches from the bridge of your nose. If you have difficulty resolving the displayed pair into a stereo effect, try adjusting your viewing distance, practice letting your eyes relax and then, if necessary, try resetting your display.

Handheld stereo print viewer

Here are a couple options for getting one of these viewers:

Reel 3D charges about two dollars per viewer, depending on quantity. They do not have a minimum order amount but do charge minimum shipping which starts around four dollars. Have a look at Reel 3D's online catalog and you can easily find other items to make the minimum shipping worthwhile. They are very nice people and have the best selection available of books and supplies for all stereo photography formats. Reel 3D

Another inexpensive source is the San Diego Historical Society. They charge $3 per viewer. Shipping charges are two dollars for up to four viewers and fifty cents for each additional one. Information on ordering from them can be found through the link at the right. SDHS

Berezin Stereo Photography Products has a lorgnette-style viewer available. This is a larger unit than that shown above, comes with a flip-up brow feature which helps keep it at an appropriate distance from the eyes and is said to be better at handling larger image pairs. The price is $3.00 per viewer (cash or check) and a SASE with $0.55 postage. A more complete description and ordering address can be found through the link at right. Berezin Stereo

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