Software used in the production of the images and web pages includes:

3D Models and Texture Mapping
Ray Dream Studio - Metacreations Corporation
Detailer - Metacreations Corporation
Painter 3D - Metacreations Corporation
Four Elements - Rayflect, Inc.
Blob Sculptor - freeware

Bitmap Editing
Paint Shop Pro - JASC, Inc.

Vector Editing (Cross Sections)
CorelDraw - Corel Corporation

Bitmap to Vector Conversion (Cross Sections)
Streamline - Adobe Software

Animation Editors
Animation Shop - JASC, Inc.
GIF Construction Kit - Alchemy Mindworks, Inc.

Audio/Video Editors
MediaStudio Pro - Ulead, Inc.
GoldWave - C. Craig

Image Optimization
PhotoImpact SmartSaver - Ulead, Inc.

Digital Watermarking
Digimarc - Digimarc Corporation

Streaming Media
RealProducer G2 - RealMedia, Inc.

Stereo Image Conversion
VRex DepthCharge Developer's Studio - VRex, Inc.

Universe - Dyad Software

Image Segmentation
Dicer - Shoestring Projects

HTML Editor
HotDog Professional - Sausage Software